Team Building

Our approach is to implement teams using the "Creating Strategic Innovation" workbook, along with our teambuilding classes that are designed to help educate management teams on how to implement strategic change through leadership, skills and competency development throughout the company. It also provides a means to bridge together independent/functional departments in order to improve customer satisfaction and operational performance. We use teams to successfully educate and develop the next generation of management using problem solving techniques. Obviously, if Customer Satisfaction, Operational Performance and Employee Development are improving, financial performance goals are usually met. Some of the topics of the Workbook include:

  • Creating a Team System
  • Team Decision Skills
  • Developing Problem Solving Skills
  • Understanding Work Processes and Process Mapping
  • Customer Requirements and Customer Surveys
  • Measurements and Scorecards: including Balanced Score Card measurements, and
  • Understanding Financial Reports that could lead to ESOP Open Book Management systems
  • Implementing Change
  • The Business Life Cycle
  • Management Concepts
  • Personal Development
  • Getting Results
  • Train-the-Trainer


Do you want to measure your culture? This 19 question quiz is an illustrative approach to measuring your ownership culture by applying Ichak Adizes's Corporate Lifecycle model. While this tool is great for a one person view, how much better would it be if your whole organization had the survey? If you want to learn more about the Life Cycle Model, click here