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Ownership Culture Assessment/Survey

Please select True or False to each statement below.

1) Key managers are willing to support change and take appropriate risks.
2) Our Company’s forecasts and goals are known by all, and are a stretch for us.
3) We carry people who produce results, regardless of their personalities.
4) Our Senior Executives lead by example, and actively promote our mission and philosophy.
5) Our company readily accepts new ideas and changes with little resistance.
6) Our company is driven by the Sales and Operations Departments, instead of the finance/accounting or legal departments.
7) Our company can best be described as an organization of self-directed, empowered work teams, not managed top down by a few key people.
8) Our managers know how to handle unproductive conflict and they sufficiently respect one another
9) We have a long range business plan that we all agree with and support.
10) Our company has developed a company-wide succession plan, thus all of our Key Executives have developed or are grooming their next generation of leaders.
11) Our morale is good, and we are not suffering from unnecessary or extraordinary stress.
12) We are good at finding or developing new products & services to expand our customer share
13) Most people are effective problem solvers
14) We have good downward communication of goals, directions, decisions and/or plans
15) We carefully prepare detailed budgets & forecasts every year, and regularly compare actuals against them.
16) When problems arise, we always look for WHAT happened, rather than WHO did it.
17) Management is in control; as a result, all of us are equally held accountable for our actions, performance and behavior.
18) Our organization has very little departmental or leadership conflicts, very little "We versus They," and little back biting
19) Decision making is delegated; that means all ideas don't come from the top.

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Do you want to measure your culture? This 19 question quiz is an illustrative approach to measuring your ownership culture by applying Ichak Adizes's Corporate Lifecycle model. While this tool is great for a one person view, how much better would it be if your whole organization had the survey? If you want to learn more about the Life Cycle Model, click here.

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