Where does your Ownership Culture stand?

  • Are you finding your Employee Owners are not acting like "Owners?"
  • Is your organization struggling with "Haves" and Have-nots?"
  • Is your recent transition to an ESOP now creating high levels of resistance and lack of "buy-in?"
  • Have you already tried other ownership culture initiatives, only to find your employees fall back into the same rut?
  • Would you like to know and measure your ownership culture?
  • Is your 'Ownership Culture' in need of repair or impacted by conflicts?
  • Is your ESOP Committee struggling to create more involvement?
  • Are family issues impacting your company's performance?
  • Is your company struggling with change management initiatives?
  • Is your organization's morale suffering from a tough economy?
If you can answer "YES" to many of the above, and want to fix it, click here to contact us!

Developing an Ownership Culture requires empowered teams, not new or improved communication or recognition programs

Empowered Teams

Empowered teams is our methodology of developing employee owners. We have learned and proven that top down intitiatives are not lasting or implemented effectively without the involvement of those who would have to own it later.

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Measure & Benchmark

We have two assessment tools that identify the key cultural issues, benchmark them for future comparison, and with our follow-up services, attack those conditions that are causing your company to not act like employee owners.

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Reduce Resistance

Putting two people in a room, with different points of view, will create conflict. Add a few more and you have a typical organization! We have developed systems and Techniques that reduce conflicts and resistance.

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